Thursday, 17 January 2013

"I want what they got..."

Match made in heaven

Together they have created their very own signature style, a mixture of class and fun - how to pull off the songstresses sassy look.

Who's Rita Ora's Stylist?

The face behind the style. As much as Rita is pro-active about her style, there is more brains behind this fashion creation. Mr Kyle De'Volle. The Brit stylist and image consultant has been friendly with Rita for 7 years.


What's so amazing about Rita Ora's style?

It's a very contrasting look - it's original whilst refreshing, vintage whilst modern, feminine whilst grunge. She is fast becoming my number 1 girl crush. It's the use of heavy layering (seen above), baggy flannel crop tee's, and sexy short hot pants that are quickly making her fashion a dream. It's now easy to see why she is so addictive.

Get the look ...


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  1. I'm going to see her live in a few weeks, one thing i'm looking forward to seeing is what she's wearing!


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