Monday, 25 February 2013

The LYF interview

I have recently made a fantastic discovery, ASOS Market Place. I know, your all thinking it’s hardly the best kept secret. But for a long time I have never ventured past ASOS itself, by the time I have trawled through their other brands (which we all know can take a while) I’m too exhausted to look.
But what a gem I have been missing. There are some fantastic one off pieces, usually vintage, which are all really affordable.

Click the image to go to there website
The LYF is a Canadian Boutique which can be found on ASOS Market Place. They have a very distinctive look, one which I adore. They tend to stock a more 90’s trend. I was lucky enough to get a chat with the two co-owners Kristina Derrick & Keith Miller.
When did your interests in fashion start?
Keith - I guess I didn't know I was interested in fashion until I started hanging out with Kristina. I went through some awful fashion phases growing up; tacky shirts from Randy River, awful ill-fitting corduroy pants, went through the 'hard-core kid' phase when I was in my later teens, way too tight jeans, hard-core band tees and I even had my eyebrow pierced, my god. But once Kristina started taking me shopping it turns out I can actually wear what I like and feel comfortable in the best look for me, rather than trying to fit in to some sort of stupid mould.
Kristina - when I was 3. Probably when I started dancing, I got to put together my own outfits it was really cool. I actually don't even remember my mom dressing me, maybe once in grade 3 or 4. It was school picture day and she didn't want me to wear a headband, but I did so I hid it in my backpack and took it to school with me. When the pictures came back she flipped it was hilarious. Honestly, I can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in style. I say style not fashion on purpose. Style and clothes; those are my interests.

What made you want to start THE LYF?  
Keith - it actually wasn't completely intentional. Kristina had made herself a rad bleached denim ombre shirt and when she posted photos of it everyone was saying they wanted one and asked if they could buy one!
Kristina - it was bound to happen at some point, it felt like fate that brought The Lyf to me & you. It felt so natural and so obvious right from the very beginning. When we first realized what we could put together we didn't have to question whether or not we would do it.
When we created The Lyf it was born out of the desire to get people to be excited and think freely about the way they are able to dress themselves. Look at it from a fresh perspective.
Why did you call the business THE LYF?
Kristina - I was given a nickname at a bar, exponential, and it stuck with me over time and carried over into artistic projects. We'd thought about calling it The Life Exponential, but wanted to shorten it and still have the same spirit so we decided on simply The Lyf.
Keith - and using the y makes it cooler obviously.
When you first set up the business, what did you expect/plan for its future?
Kristina - nothing. I just wanted people to buy tee shirts from us.
Keith - I think that the reason that it has gotten to this point and we're enjoying our successes it's because we didn't expect anything. We went into it completely genuinely.
Kristina - with lots of love. It evolved naturally, here it is and it's great :) it makes sense.
If you could describe THE LYF's style in 3 words, what would they be?
Keith - dope, classy, colourful.
Kristina - far too dope.

In a paragraph describe the style and tone of THE LYF, and what it stands for?
The Lyf stands for freedom. Freedom from convention. It's about wearing clothes you love, not what you think you 'should' be wearing. It offers a fresh perspective on vintage clothing. Instead of just getting rid of your clothing (which to me is very very difficult), why don't you want to keep them forever? Why do people move on so quickly from what's in their closet instead of just being happy with everything they have. We're not talking classics either, we're talking about things that you like that expresses your personality. Things can be cute and fun even though they're not from a store on the high street. It's like we rescue our pieces from fashion hell, and hopefully (cross our fingers) give them a good home where they will be respected, as they should be.

Individually, how would you describe your style?
Keith - I don't know. I guess I don't think about it anymore, because everything I have I like now. I like graphic prints, I like all over patterns, vintage prints. I like knits a lot. My favourite colour to wear is forest green.
Kristina - Completely minimal. Sometimes I verge on looking like I completely don't care. Other times I don't feel like I'm representing hard enough. I'm like a canvas without the paint. It's more exciting because nothing is final.
What lies ahead for THE LYF? And your personal fashion career?
Kristina - I can't even think about a week from now. We're launching a pop up shop in our hometown for a few days in July, we're launching a brand new collection on The Pokey Hat, and a whole new collection on ASOS Marketplace too.
Keith - We're doing a vintage market in our hometown in March also, it's always cool to actually bring a physical collection out, having such a regular online presence.
Kristina - our fashion future is that we're going to just keep doing The Lyf.
Keith - wherever that takes us.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Foil Nails - My Favs'

Now I have avoided this craze for quite a while, in fear that I might just end up with a crumpled up foil mess on my nail. But after wanting to experiment more with my nail design, and opting out of other nail art options (can't say I'm the most talented artist) I thought this looks like the easiest option!
But I need your help!?
Which designs should I chose!

AND I also have a cheeky little discount code for you, visit www.millennium use the code company13 at the check out to receive 50% off celeb-style nail foils (this is on the 6 pack products)

I love these sets!

1) Kiss Nail Wraps - £6.49
2) Unberti Giannini Painted Lady Talons - Silver bubble Nail Wraps - £7.00
3) Nail Rocks Nail Wraps - Duck Egg- 36.65
 I really can't pick my favourite out of these three. The kiss nail wraps would work perfectly on a night out worn with a little black dress and animal print accessories.
The Painted Lady Talons are very nearly the front runner because I think they are quirky yet glam, yes I no, it's an unusual combo, but you could pull these off with any outfit.
I really just love the Nail Rocks product range because they are all quite urban, and contrast against most other nail prints which are out and about on shelves. I love the Duck Egg blue, although I think it would be hard to match with an outfit, who wants to be all "matchy matchy" anyway!

Hope you like these nails!
Have you every tried foil nail art? Which do you like best?

Thanks for reading

Monday, 4 February 2013

Barry M Gelly High Shine

Barry M launched this line online on the 21st of September before launching into stores, Superdrug (26th) and then Boots (3rd October). It has been yet another success for Barry M.
As I have mentioned many many times before, I am a keen blog reader, and I have seen so many great reviews about this product.
I bought this product in Plum, because to my dismay I don't own any purple nail varnishes! This colour looks lovely and really diverse, so it was a no brainer for me. No picture can do this colour justice because its an very deep tone. All in all I'm so glad I waited a while until more colours were released in the line.
I personally think at £3.99 this is a bargain. In the image I have only applied one coat, which dries as a thick layer of colour, with really no need to apply a second.
The brush is quite narrow, which makes it super easy to apply the right amount without making too much mess! Also there are absolutely no sign of streaks or patchiness, which shows the level of quality.
I would rate the product 9 out of 10. Because it dries extremely quick so there is none of them dreaded chips or smudges, and the colour is full and thick! It's easy to apply, well, to be honest, I have no complaints.
An added extra is that they have a FANTASTIC range of colours. Here are my favourites!

1) Prickly Pear – a lovely shade of lilac, really light, a great colour for spring.

2) Pomegranate – a lighter shade of red, perfect for all year round.

3) Water Melon – this is a lovely teal colour, it sounds summery but is more of a spring/winter shape, but I still love it!

All these varnishes can be found online on the Barry M website or in-store at Boots and Superdrug - all £3.99
Thanks for reading my lovelies!


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fashion Crush

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my absence recently, my posts have been far and few between. My internet decided to break on me about 3 days a go, and has been on and off since. Been the bad tempered person I am, I vowed to not used it (major paddy)... anyway, I've got over it now and here I am.

I'm absolutely loving statement trousers at the moment. Theres head turning prints to suit every shape and size. And what better way to welcome in spring 2013 than with some bright hues and an eye catching outfit.


Day in the office


1) Topshop - Diamond Mono Jaquard - £42
2)Topshop - Tuxedo Panel trousers - £85
3) Topshop - Mini Blackwatch trousers - £40
Although these aren't bold prints or bright colours, I thought it would be a good place to start. Why wear the same old boring suit to the office? Pair any of these printed trousers with a blazer and a sheer shirt for a superb work outfit!
Number 2 isn't exactly "printed" but I love the shape on these and I think they would be extremely diverse addition to any wardrobe, put with a printed shirt/top and some black heels and your ready for drinks with the girls... perfect!

Night out

1) ASOS - Trousers in abstract - £35
2) Warehouse - Embellished trousers - was £60 now £12
3) ASOS - Peg trousers in print - was £30 now £12

These prints are lovely, and perfect for a night out at this time of the year, it's still cold and snowy , but its about time we got our colours and prints out for spring, so these are the perfect answer. They make a great fashion statement whilst still feeling classy, comfortable and most importantly WARM!

The picture above of the warehouse embellished trousers does not do them any justice... so here's a couple more pictures for you! They're such a bargain at £12!

Was £60 -  Now £12

What to wear with printed trousers?

Bold prints on our bottom halves can be very daunting, which is why many people seem to opt for a brighter top and plain bottoms! Here's some items which could be teamed perfectly with these trousers for a fantastic outfit.

1) Embellished neck top - Topshop - £35
2) Oversized Monochrome Spot Shirt - Topshop - £38
3) BooHoo Suedette Platform Shoe boot - £35
4) BooHoo Mariska Court - £25
Hope you all liked this post! What's your fashion crush at the moment? Is there any of these trousers you'd wear?

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 17 January 2013

"I want what they got..."

Match made in heaven

Together they have created their very own signature style, a mixture of class and fun - how to pull off the songstresses sassy look.

Who's Rita Ora's Stylist?

The face behind the style. As much as Rita is pro-active about her style, there is more brains behind this fashion creation. Mr Kyle De'Volle. The Brit stylist and image consultant has been friendly with Rita for 7 years.


What's so amazing about Rita Ora's style?

It's a very contrasting look - it's original whilst refreshing, vintage whilst modern, feminine whilst grunge. She is fast becoming my number 1 girl crush. It's the use of heavy layering (seen above), baggy flannel crop tee's, and sexy short hot pants that are quickly making her fashion a dream. It's now easy to see why she is so addictive.

Get the look ...


Monday, 14 January 2013

My trusty next coats

I recently joined the next blogger network, I love next, I always buy my key pieces from there (t-shirts, leggings etc). But more to the point of this post, each year I buy my winter coat and spring jackets from there, and they have never let me down. They wear and wash so well, because they are such good quality (yes, I am extremely fussy).

Jacket - Next £55
I love this jacket I think it's a twist on the latest leather biker jacket trend. It's reasonably priced considering the quality and the wear you could get out of it. It could warn (like below) with jeans or chinos for a more casual look, or dressed up with heels, leggings and a nice top/dress for a night out.
(Image from next website - here)

Friday, 11 January 2013

What to wear? What to wear?

Shoes - Miss Selfridge £50.00
 I love these shoes, they are next on my "I really really want" list! They will go with anything - dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings, disco pants! Also I think they are rather edgy, and even though they are quite plain I think they could still be a key piece in an outfit.
Skirt - Miss Selfridge £25.00 

I love skater skirts, purely because I think they are so flattering, diverse and easy to wear! I wear my black one none-stop. You can dress them up for a night out, or shove on a jumper for a cosy day! This would be ideal for a night out, teamed with a diamante collared top for a nice classy look. At £25.00 I think it's quite a bargain.

Top - Topshop £30
I really like this top,  I saw this in store, a girl in the changing room next to me was trying it on and it looks REALLY nice. It's one of them tops that would make you look and feel good whenever you wore it. It's effortless, and like the skater skirt could be dressed up - teamed with a skirt, Or dressed down with leggings or jeans.
Top - Topshop £35.00
This top is slightly on the expensive side, but it would look lovely with the PU skater skirt. The lace would make the look less grungy and more girly (not that there is anything wrong with a bit of grunge). Plus I just have an obsession with black lace, we all know the secret that black is slimming, and as a size 12 girl I find black lace really easy to wear and quite flattering.

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